Digitize Your Calligraphy Without Tears

There’s a lot of great information and classes out there that talk about digitizing calligraphy, but if you’re like me you’ll feel like most of the material covers basic steps. I want details! Step-by-step instructions! I want to know everything from what materials to use for a clean scan to instructions on how to vectorize my work. After a lot of research and a ton of trial and error, I’ve finally figured out a process that works for me and I want to share it with you! I’ll be doing a detailed series on how to digitize your calligraphy or lettering from using the right materials for scans to using Photoshop and Illustrator. My first blog post will be on Tuesday. If you have any questions that you want me to answer during this series, leave a comment with your question.

  • Hi Sunim! First off, yay for new blogger friends! I am so thrilled to connect with fellow bloggers. Excited for your new digitize without tears series!

    Second, my question is: Will you pretty please write your instructional posts as if it were "for dummies?" I have tried to work with Photoshop and Illustrator and each time, I literally do not last for more than five minutes on my own before I give up. I have had friends show me, I've watched video tutorials... I think the information is still WAY OVER MY HEAD. So I need someone to talk to me like I'm their mother (we all can relate to teaching our parents or someone elderly a technical skill. GOTTA BREAK IT DOWN!!!).

    Hope that helps a bit! Just know that I will have a FLOOD of questions and don't ever think or assume I (and other readers) know what you're talking about! Including definitions, photos, links, and any other resources in your future blog posts are HIGHLY encouraged!


    • Sunim said:

      I think it's easier to work with Photoshop and Illustrator when having a specific project to do. It feels less overwhelming because you just need to follow the steps to finish your project and ignore everything else. So hopefully Friday's tutorial will have you liking Photoshop!

      I'll be having pictures and videos for the next posts, so stay tuned!