Digitize Your Calligraphy Without Tears – Final Touch-Ups

This is the last tutorial on digitizing your calligraphy! If you made it this far, CONGRATS! You’ve made it and the finish line is close! But I do warn you that this next part does take up a lot of your time depending on how much you want to fix up your calligraphy. Even though the process may take awhile you will be doing so with the right tools and knowing what techniques to use instead of blindly trying to fix things. Thus no tears! Maybe tears of joy instead!

Before you start cleaning up your work, be sure to look everything over and pin point what exactly you want to fix. Is a curve too sharp and you want to smooth it out? Is the hairline too thick and you want to make it thinner? It’s important to have a plan and know what your end result should look like. Working with purpose leads to faster end results. Plus I will provide you with lots of tips in this tutorial to make sure you are being efficient with your time!

The tutorial will cover how to use the pencil tool and smooth tool to clean up your calligraphy.
AI-11 I personally use these tools the most.

It will briefly go over the pen tool and using the “delete anchor point tool” to remove unwanted anchor points.

It will also go over how to use anchor points to fix paths by using the “direct selection tool.”
Here I used the anchor point to make the curve in the letter h fuller and less collapsed looking.

Due to the visual nature of this tutorial I will not be providing step-by-step written instructions. You can find the video tutorial here

If you have any questions that this tutorial didn’t cover, please let me know and I can try to cover it in upcoming blog posts. Happy digitizing!

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